Bring a friend promotion

Westmore 'Bring a friend' promotion

Welcome to the ‘Bring a friend’ promotion!

We want to provide the people that are currently in service for our company and those who are in our candidate database the opportunity to win one of our amazing gifts.

How can I partake in this promotion and win one of these amazing gifts? It’s simple. The only thing you have to do to is nominating a friend to come and work for us! Participation takes place when you’ve filled in the form (visible below) with the requested personal information. Then, motivate what makes that your friend would be a good fit for one of our vacancies to become eligible for the gift you’ve selected.

Also good to know, participation in the ‘Bring a friend’ promotion is entirely free! Click here for the promotion’s terms & conditions for further information.

Our 'Bring a friend' gifts!

Is your nominated friend a month (happily) in service for Westmore? Then we have an amazing gift selection for you to choose from!

Philips 55 inch 4K Smart tv

With this Philips Smart tv with a screen diagonal of 140 (!) cm, you’ll enjoy superior visuals with the brightness of 4K Ultra HD. It’s the ideal television to watch your favorite Netflix series, films, and programs on after your workday that you want to have!

Apple Ipad (2018)

With this Apple Ipad, you’ll enjoy (almost) all the functions of a pc on a convenient tablet size! With a memory of 128 GB, this Ipad is ideal to bring to work or to watch your favorite films and series on.

Nikon SLR Camera

With this Nikon SLR (single-lens reflex) camera you’ll be able to make the most beautiful (vacation)photo’s with ease! It’s the ideal camera for a beginning hobbyist or a nice addition to the collection of a professional!

Sony Playstation 4 Pro

The perfect gift for the fanatic gamers among us! With this powerful PS4 Pro you’ll be able to play, easily, the newest games in 4K with improved performance! In addition, you can also use the console to watch films or to surf on the internet.


With this smart speaker, you can enjoy brilliant sound literally anywhere. Being shock absorbent, weatherproof and wireless you can use this functional speaker both in- and outside. With its built-in Google Assistant, you can even operate this speaker with your own voice! Pretty cool…

BOSE QuietComfort 35 II Zwart

And the final gift is this amazing, luxurious, stylish, noise-canceling and voice-controlled BOSE headphone. By holding the action button you can easily play your music, send and receive texts with voice commands. I know where I would choose for…

Have you seen a gift that sparked your interest? That's great!

Fill in the form below with the requested information and motivate what makes that your friend would be a good fit for one of our vacancies (e.g. which vacancy or his/her relevant work experience).

That’s it! You will receive a confirmation of participation by mail as soon as possible.